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Cooperatives and Small Growers in Esna
The "Premium Project for Egyptian Small Growers" has expanded its geographical scope to Esna, Luxor (Upper Egypt). Our beneficiaries now include three small producer organizations working under the umbrella of the Ministry of Social Solidarity:

The project management is currently focused on tomato and onion with an intention to link the small growers to local and export markets after their compliance to GLOBALG.A.P. criteria. The following activities are in place:

- Identification of land plots owned by the association members through the use of GPS technology. Information is linking to Google Earth and Google Maps

- Register growers with GLOBALG.A.P. database in preparation for initial audit

- Training on the use of Modern Farm software to enable registration of activities and traceability of products to the plot level.

- Provision of necessary resources to enable compliance with Good Agriculture Practice

- Independent monitoring of pesticides residues

- Rehabilitation of a collection center established by Acdi-Voca and owned by the 3 associations to convert it to a purpose-built packhouse for fruits and vegetables.

To learn more about our efforts in the Premium Project please visit the contact us page and send us any inquiries you may have.

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