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Traceability to the Field Level
Traceability has a legal framework in many countries, including the EU, USA and Japan. It is also a constituent part of many international standards such as the GLOBALG.A.P. and Fairtrade.

In the EU food law, traceability is defined as: "The ability to trace and follow a food, feed, food producing animal or substance intended to be, or expected to be incorporated in a food or feed through all stages of production, processing and distribution".

This requirement relies on the "one step back" and "one step forward" approach which implies for food business operators that they must be able to identify their suppliers of food, ingredients and many other substances intended or expected to be incorporated into food, identify the business to which they have supplied products and produce this information on demand, i.e. in a timely manner.

A traceability system is expected to have three basic components:
- Supplier Traceablity: which enables the identification of the source of all raw materials (this includes ingredients, primary packaging, and production/processing aids)
- Process Traceablity: which enables the identification of all raw materials and process records for each product, i.e. the processing history
- Customer Traceablity: which enables the customers for each product to be identified

The Premium project established a robust traceability system. The system starts by identifying the geographic coordinates of each grower by GPS technology. The information is linked to GOOGLE maps and a dynamic web-based Food Safety and Quality Management System (FSQMS). The database enables the forward and backward traceability of products and activities within 15 minutes.

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